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Canberra coup could cost Libs in Wagga

Internal polling is even worse, according to The Australian newspaper. Running a Nationals candidate may have limited the damage following Mr Maguire's dodgy dealings, insiders say, but no coalition candidate would have been immune from the fallout of the federal leadership coup. "Who would have foreseen the shit show in Canberra happening weeks before the Wagga by-election," the senior Liberal MP said. "You've got a former coalition MP that was involved in corrupt conduct, you have the coalition federal government self-immolating and you're asking the community to pass judgment on those activities. Of course there's going to be a backlash." The Nationals agreed not to run in the by-election to avoid a three-cornered contest but Labor candidate Dan Hayes says that's pushed some local Nats to support the main independent rather than the Liberal Party's Julie Ham. "They're not here handing out for the Liberal candidate, the Nationals have absolutely vacated this space and some have shifted over to Joe McGirr," Mr Hayes, a local councillor, told AAP. Dr McGirr, a local doctor and academic running as an independent, believes voters have been turned off by the Liberals' sense of entitlement. "People are very disappointed that there wasn't a three-cornered contest, that there was this sense that implied the seat was owned by the Liberals, that annoyed people," Dr McGirr told AAP. Many within the government believe if they lose Wagga it will be to Dr McGirr who's attracting despondent coalition voters. He says Mr Maguire's alleged corrupt conduct angered voters but it was his decision to delay resigning - and the government's reluctance to force his hand - that did the most damage.

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