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Burt Reynolds "I think it's not good to have people think you are out every night and fooling around," he told Vanity Fair His fall from grace at the box office highlighted the fact that, although he had been earning millions, he had also been spending it. He bought a string of luxury properties, a private jet, a helicopter and a fleet of custom-built cars. Image caption His marriage to Loni Anderson ended in divorce and whopping legal bill He lost $20m dollars after two restaurant chains he invested in went bust and buying into the Tampa Bay Bandits, a team in the fledgling US Football League, proved a mistake when both team and league collapsed after three years. When he tried to sue his financial advisers he discovered he had, unknowingly, signed a document exonerating them from any responsibility. Having married and divorced the actress Judy Carne in the 1960s, he married actress Loni Anderson in 1988 at a lavish ceremony at his ranch. The relationship ended acrimoniously in 1993 among accusations of lavish spending (hers) and infidelity (his) which culminated in a costly court battle that kept the gossip sheets happy for months. Eventually he was forced to file for bankruptcy with his debts listed as more than $11m. His film career had a nudge back upwards with a part as a porn film director in Boogie Nights in 1997, which won him an Oscar nomination and brought him to a new audience that barely remembered his earlier career. Roles in Pups and Time of the Wolf proved he could still turn in a good performance. But his need to recoup some of his lost money saw him take almost any part that came along and he appeared in a number of howlers in the first decade of the 21st Century, including the dire Broken Bridges and Without a Paddle. But his financial problems failed to go away and, in 2014, he was forced to sell most of his assets including prized items from his films such as his Smokey and the Bandit jacket and a number of awards including his 1998 Golden Globe.

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Given what social media has become, it is hard to find reliable sources for information out there, but one common and key resource is the printed newspaper. The Winters Express has seen a transition in the past number of months. The passing of Newt Wallace, retirement of Charley Wallace, the departure of Debra DeAngelo and the tragic passing of Julia Millon has brought us a new publisher in Taylor Buley and an almost entirely new set of reporters. Taylor has changed the format and many aspects of the newspaper. Some support them and others not so much. The most important thing for which we need to count our blessings is that we have a weekly local print newspaper. Whether someone agrees with the format or opinions of the newspaper, I would argue that Taylor is working diligently to make the paper sustainable. Without question, the Winters Express Staff are working hard, being creative and walking a balance between old school print journalism and bringing local reporting into the online era. Newspapers across America are folding due to the shrinking bottom lines. When that happens, an important part of the soul of those communities leaves and is gone forever. As someone who is a frequent topic and sometimes a target of criticism and critique in the paper, I find the transparency and accountability that City Hall is held to as an important part of our democracy.

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